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In the west of Canada stretches the picturesque province of British Columbia, rich in natural parks and historical monuments. The beauty and majesty is emphasized by the nature: a 440-meter tall Della Falls attract many tourists. Ibid also lays world famous Capilano Suspension Bridge at the height of 70 m. Those who come to enjoy nature can also have the pleasure of whale watching, scuba diving and surfing.

The Vancouver Island deserves special attention. Named in honor of the discoverer of the coast, it is 450 km long and has a leading position among the suppliers of ship timber. The capital of the province is located on the same island – Victoria, owing its name to the Queen of England. On February holidays, the city is covered with bright colors – during the flower show more than 5 million flowers bloom in one day.

The parliament building dates back to the late 19th century, gaining the status of the oldest building. Also drawing attention is the golden statue of Queen Victoria and the building of the Empress Hotel, which hosts classic English tea ceremonies. The gardens that adorn the city are rich in exotic plants and animals and are open to visitors in all seasons. Other than a walk through the parks and gardens, a visit to the zoo, the park of totems, art galleries or museums can also be a great outdoor pastime.

In southern British Columbia, there are several resorts near the valley of the vineyards. Kelowna attracts lovers of fishing and tennis, while Whistler, Blackcomb and Grouse invite everyone wishing to ski and snowboard every year.

The third megalopolis of Canada, Vancouver, pulls together the two shores of the Burrard Inlet with forests and snow-capped mountains. The first settlement on the site was organized by the prospectors during the Gold Rush. The original look of the old houses has been restored in great detail and now bears the name Gastown – the city of Gassy, one of the saloon owners. In the summer one can find many regatta yachts in the Gulf, preparing for a competition, and walk in the Stanley Park, among deep lakes and tall forests with an oceanarium hiding in the middle.

The motto of British Columbia is: “Splendor without diminishment.