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The name of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, daughter of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, has affected many of the names in this province: Lake Louise, village of Carolina, Mount Alberta, and the name of the province itself – Alberta. Male names were given to the two largest cities: Calgary and Edmonton, the capital where the majority of the population resides. Oil and gas industry has grown to the international level in these parts.

Native American tribes have historically occupied the area. Despite minor differences, they spoke the same language, had common roots and hunted buffalo – the bisons of the prairie. Now the land is partially preserved, there are several Indian reservations.

In Edmonton, close to the Space Research Centre, which has the first and largest Canadian planetarium, is the Edmonton Mall, the famous shopping complex that is considered the largest in the world.

The dry mountain climate makes the area near Calgary similar to Texas. Therefore, a festival of the Wild West is held there each year. The indomitable spirit that supports the motto of the province “Strong and Free“, cowboy hats, ethnic Indian clothes – all this flavor can be found on the streets of the city.

A very interesting park is located in the suburbs of the town of Drumheller. It has a collection of more than a 100 species of plants and statues of prehistoric animals on its territory, where the remains of dinosaurs that once inhabited the area can be found to this day.